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Filter System Partner

Filter technology is a broad concept in which various solutions and methods are used. Effective filtration, absorption and separation are indispensable components of numerous friction-free procedures in industry, trade, laboratories and domestic engineering. But where can one obtain such filters? There are only very few suppliers with a comprehensive product range and high-performance filter systems that enable customers to buy filters cost efficiently from a single source.

FTB Filtertechnik is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of replacement filters for all applications. A comprehensive approach means it is able to supply submarkets of the filter industry with efficient solutions. In order to be able to satisfy the highly heterogeneous demands of clients at anytime, FTB-Filtertechnik's objective is to offer optimal filters of any dimensions, every quality (technical specification) and for any application.

Owing to its concentration on these core competencies, FTB is a productivity-supporting partner for buyers and engineers. Consolidation enables customers to reduce warehouse costs, save time and money, reduce management costs, achieve improved product prices and optimise technical processes. The best solution is obtaining the complete filter technology for all filtration processes from a single source. That saves times and money. Simply ask us. We'd be happy to consult with you!

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